Data-Driven Ecommerce Intelligence

Increase Your Brands Value by Capturing Currently Undervalued Opportunities.

We identify "holes" in the market which account for lost sales and decreased brand value.

Advanced In-Depth Research with Accurate Sales Prediction

With our tools and analysis, we can safely and accurately predict our sales with your brand.

Cloud Based Analytics with Real-Time SKU Profitability

Exhaustive financial analysis and up to the minute sales data.

Unique Packaging Abilities for More Customer Buying Options and a Better Experience.

We bring more buying options to our customers that increases conversion rates.

120,000+ Total Ordered Units in the Past 12 Month (19,000+ in just the past 30 Days.)

We expect 250,000+ total ordered units in 2017 due to our strategy and new warehouse.

99.90% Positive Customer Feedback

A strong positive satisfactory rate ensures repeat customers for years to come.

Algorithmic Repricing to Maximizes Your Brands Market-Share and Value.

Constant surveying of the overall market that adapts quickly to pricing changes and captures new opportunities.

Data-Driven E-commerce Intelligence

Fox Global Trading is an online marketplace partnering with the manufacturers and distributors to optimize their brands. We believe in your vision, products, and promoting businesses like they're our own. The most important part of our mission is to create relationships with our partners that is beneficial to them. Collaboration is a key to success.

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